The School of GB is now Registering for new and returning students.

See below (or links to other pages) for all the information you might need.

To download this year's 2017/18 Registration Packet which includes:

  • Class Listings/Schedule of Classes
  • Fees & Tuition
  • Auto Payment Form
  • School Enrollment Form (to mail, fax or turn into GB office)
  • Click HERE.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What classes do you offer for various ages? What dates and times are these classes? Click here, OR download our 2017/18 Registration Packet (above).


  • How much does it cost to Register?
  • How much will my child's class cost?
  • Can I pay monthly or do I have to pay for the entire year?
  • How much are concert/recital fees?
  • Click here, OR download our 2017/18 Registration Packet (above). 


  • Can I set-up my payments to occur automatically each month or semester? Yes! Click here, OR download our 2017/18 Registration Packet (above).


  • How do I register my child/dancer? Click HERE to register Online. OR download a 2017/18 Registration Packet (above).


  • What dancewear, including shoes, will my child need for class? Click HERE to download our 2017/18 Dancewear Requirements.


  • Where do I park? Where do parents wait for their child during class? When can I watch class? If my dancer misses a class, how can we make-up the lesson? Do you have a Lost & Found? If we're late for class, what is the "protocol?" ALL these and many other questions are answered in our 2017/18 STUDENT HANDBOOK! Click HERE to download this year's Handbook.


  • We have a NEW Parent Page on our Website! For our School of Greensboro Ballet students and parents, this is a page you can refer to all year long.


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